Fanfiction Review

So I have started doing fanfiction recommendation or reviews because that’s what I do most of the time, read fanfiction  and I would love to share the amazing stories I have read/ am reading/will be reading with everyone who loves fanfiction like I do. They are free, as good as published books and honestly finding more readers that I can discuss my favorite fanfictions with is a never ending life goal.

Link to the fanfiction being reviewed-


Ragsweas’ “Untold Story” is a Harry Potter fanfiction that tells us the tale of Regulus Black’s change of heart. Written from the perspective of Regulus, this one shot manages to capture his voice and emotions fairly well despite the few grammatical errors it has. Being a one-shot the story does contain time skips from one point to another but the scenes are weaved well together. The characters of both Regulus and Sirius are almost on point as are the actions and voice of the older Blacks and Kreacher. The Dark Lord has been written perfectly.
The dialogues are well developed. This is an in-universe telling of events, which leads to a lack of actions yet that does not harm the story telling much. The realistic characters, the progress of Regulus’ character at a genuine speed and with reasons that make a lot of sense as well as the writing style together make the fanfiction a brilliant read in a short amount of time, especially for Regulus fans. While the room for improvement always remains, this fanfiction certainly has its own charm and beautifully shows us Regulus Black’s journey to RAB.
The fanfiction was also a part of the QL contest and was rated a nine point five out of ten. Reviews have called it an in-depth telling of Regulus’ change of heart.


We all know what happened when Harry and Dumbledore went into the cave to retrieve the locket. But what about Regulus? What was his story? How did the feel? One-Shot is written for QLFC Round 9


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