Crown of Midnight

Crown of Midnight

 “Crown of Midnight” by Sarah J. Maas published by  Bloomsbury Publications is a fantasy novel set in a world of magic, fear and tyranny where one assassin is trying to save both her conscience and her loved ones. Crown of Midnight is the second in the thrilling series about Calaena Sardothien and the plot is like an incarnate spider web, weaved together extremely smoothly and yet filled with jarring plot twists. The cover shows our heroine standing tall with swords at her back and death in her eyes which goes well with her new status as King’s Champion.

However, not all is well with the best assassin in the country. The King’s threats, a dead queen’s promises and plots and rebellions have made her already turbulent blow into a storm which reaches its peak when she finally realizes what lies in the future and the past after seeing how secrets can destroy lives, sometimes even literally. The romantic elements in the book serve to make it even better and heart wrenching. The book is a Pandora’s Box full of answers which just result in more questions and secrets.

Dorian and Chaol develop as characters as does Nehemia, “the foreign princess with a rebel heart.” Dorian learns things that shake him to the core and finally stands up for what is right while Chaol remains as he was in the previous books an amazing person who is loyal and honourable to a fault, something that become extremely prominent as the book progresses. Nehemia’s bravery is taken to another level as is determination to do what is right, no matter what the costs. Archer is another character who plays a major role, an old friend turned rebel and then there is Elena- the first queen and the mysteries she brings along with Mort the doorknob that speaks.

The side characters too are extremely well developed in most cases and the writing style simply flows. The scenes are vivid and realistic, especially the fighting scenes which seem to come alive in you, making you feel one with the King’s Champion as she scouts and kills and saves in a deadly calm. You can feel the air and taste the blood.

Emotionally the book is a roller coaster and is filled with interesting events that seem to either make shivers run down or spine or tears gather in your eyes. The history of this fictional world is extremely well developed and plot holes are almost non-existent.

At a glance the book might not hold any message but on a deeper level it talks of sacrifice and love and friendship and the lengths one would go to, to protect or to save someone they cared about or a cause worthy enough. It talks about mistakes and manipulations and friendship. It is a tale of sorry, loss and death and how sometimes it changes you more than life can. It talks about promises and last conversations and how deep wounds can be. It talks about loyalty and thing you would do in the memory of someone you loved. It talks about Calaena Sardothein.

Apart from being an extremely interesting read the book is an example of exemplary writing and the raw emotions it hold, the urgency and the happiness which at a moment’s notice can turn to sorrow, the guilt and the deadly calm are sharp and promote the reader to think in more than one perspective. It is a page turner which will never cease to shock and jar the reader and one of those books which keep you thinking long after you have turned the last page.


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