My Many Boyfriends

This is an extract from the latest book I am working on with my good friend Kaushiki.


“To be fond of writing was a certain step towards falling in love.”
Asphodel Black grew up reading and dreaming about falling in love like her favorite story book characters, like Lily and James, Tobias and Tris, Will and Tessa, Percy and Annabeth, Kili and Tauriel, Mia and Michael, Edward and Bella and so many more but all she found was mistakes and heart breaks, until the day she decided to pen down her pain and in that found true love.
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“Hey! Saw you haven’t updated any new work in a while, all good?”

My phone pinned when I stepped out of class, the journal I was writing my book in clutched under one arm.

“Yeah! Taking our suggestion actually, I am trying to write a real book, so my updates are a lot more spaced out than usual. Sorry?”

Cringing I sent the reply, usually I don’t let people know about what I am working on before it’s finished.

“Cool! So what’s it about?”

“Umm… I am still working on it, so I will tell you when it’s done, please?”

“Sure. So you the type who’s shy about their work huh?”

“Yeah, actually…”

“Cool! I would love to read it. I am sure it will be awesome.”

“That makes one of us.”

“Oh come on, Lils, you are an amazing writer, and all you need to verify that is check the list of favorites your fanfictions have!”

“Yeah, right liar! And those are fanfictions, people like for the fandom, the writing, well, is secondary there? And honestly Lils?”

“Would you prefer Miss Hades? Or maybe Miss Regrets to Your Grave? Perhaps Miss Snape after the first question Sev asks Harry? And writing is never secondary you airhead!”

“It’s Miss Black to you!”

“Wait, is your dad’s name Sirius?”

“Shut up! Eugene huh? What’s your surname Fitzherbert?”

“Yeah actually, how did you ever guess?”

“Shut up you fib!”

“Why you hurt me with your mean words, my love.”

“Love? What does he mean?” I think before I laugh. He’s just a friend, if that, I am overreacting, I realize and type an answer.

Forward the hospital bills, darling. :-P”

“I can’t believe I wrote that!” I think but before I can even start typing a response, I get another message.

“Got to go Rapunzel, teacher’s in.”

“Who are talking to so intently Irene?” Elena asks coming suddenly to flank my side as I reach the door of the French room. Lily is there flanking the other side, as they both take my arms and skip us into the classroom.

“Just a friend El,” I reply and sit down at my seat, not missing their eye rolls or waggled eyebrows. Those girls, I tell you!



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