A warrior

A warrior

A warrior she was,

Not of her aim true,

Nor of hardships lived through,

No a warrior she was,

A warrior for her sister,

Protection from the world sinister,

A warrior for the young dove,

A warrior for love,

A warrior she was,

For she fought for family and home,

For all those who under cruelty roam.

She was their Mockingjay,

Of defiance she was a ray.

The girl named after the flower,

Could never stop the songs from her tower,

Sharp as arrows,

Songs sweet as sparrows,

Dark hair and stormy eyes,

With burning ties.

Fire had caught,

No shelter she sought.

If we burn, you burn with us

Was her cry.

A warrior she was,

With her head held forever high. all

A/N- To my favorite heroine- Katniss Everdeen Mellark- a sister who would go to any lengths to save her little duck, a woman who stood strong in the face of fears and most of all a girl who does not fight for herself but for those who need her help, a girl who fights to protect those who can not protect themselves. Hospital scene in Mockingjay? District Eight? Gale’s Whipping? Running off to get the cure for Peeta? Happy Birthday Katniss.


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