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Book Review: Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins ‘s Hunger Games by Scholastic Cooperation is a scientific fiction book that tells us the tale of a future society in the country of Panem, that rose from the ashes of  North America after a war and was divided into thirteen districts, which after another civil war became twelve districts terrorized by the annual Hunger Games, a television event where twenty four children are sent to an arena to fight till only one remains, to be showered with riches. The Victor. . In this world is set the journey of Katniss Everdeen as she fights for her life and the lives of those she loves, unwittingly becoming the means to end but the “odds are definitely not in her favor.”

The characters are extremely well developed, especially Katniss, Gale and Peeta. Gale is Katniss’s best friend and his character reflects the hardships of poverty while Peeta, Katniss’s district partner and the baker’s boys shows us that being a “Merchant” is not as good as the “Seam” members make it look like and not all rich people are monsters.

The book has many interesting aspects but is more of an action thriller than anything else, with the Hunger Games being described like a battlefield with blood baths, human  hunts and much more. Love, friendship, deceit and trickery make up a huge part of the power ploy that is the Hunger Games.. The dialogues are well developed and the plot twists keep thickening at every turn, making it a real page turner.The style of writing is simple and the darker aspects of the “lighter” characters will keep one awake at night, long after the book is over and done with.


Book Review: Divergent

Veronica Roth’s Divergent by Harper Collins’ Publications is a scientific fiction book that tells us the tale of a future society divided by virtues and the journey of one Beatrice Prior to find love, acceptance, family and a home, all the while making the most difficult of her society, to stay with her family and pretend to be someone she is not sure she or to leave them  to become the person she always admired and aspired to be, but the world  turns darker when she realizes that the choice is now between life and death and then she meets Four, a mysterious instructor who both hurts and protects us. Also, a war is brewing. A battle of free will and the right to live, a battle which might take not only her family and home but also her life.

The characters are extremely well developed, especially Beatrice “Tris” Prior and Four along with the five factions that make up this futuristic society, which will keep readers awake at night, long after they have finished the book.

Tris develops from a  strong willed but confused young girl to a formidable woman and leader while Four grows out from the strict instructor and shows us that not everything is as it seems. Secrets and plans make up the plot, along with minor characters such as Christina and Albert.

The book is set in Chicago of the future, where the city is made of tumbled down buildings and broken ferris wheels.

The book has many interesting aspects, such as the five factions and the question of what lies beyond the city limits and  why is it so necessary to conform to serums and not have a opinion of your own. The dialogues are well developed and the plot twists keep thickening at every turn, making it a real page turner. An easy to go style of writing makes the book a lot more interesting and “divergent”.

Fire in her eyes

She had fire in her eyes,

Bejeweled as they were with emeralds.

He was a rising prince,

And tears were his pay back.

He ran in a pack,

While another howled at the moon,

And yet others embraced the darkness within,

Once friends, now traitors.

This was not a story of hate,

Nor was it a war bent on revenge,

Despite it being both,

In the end it was his love,

That died protecting what was their own,

It ended wars dearly won,

With years of deaths,

Fight and peace,

Emeralds, hazels, pools of silver and gold,

And much, much more.

Wisdom and strategy and owls white,

Two generations began to fight.