Happy Birthday Percy Jackson!

A/N- A short story to wish Percy a HBD!

He swung her around, making her laugh as she held onto him for dear life even though Annabeth knew that in the unlikely event that Percy ever dropped her, she would make it to the ground. Safely.

“Happy birthday Seaweed Brain,” she said when her feet finally touched the ground again. It was Percy’s first birthday they were celebrating after the giant war and after an entire day of partying with their friends( it was a beach party and even Poseidon had showed up for a few minutes and a hug) all the two of them had wanted was to spend time together, because after all they had been through, nothing mattered except each other these days. Stopping herself from the direction, her thoughts were taking, she focused solely on Percy, drinking in his goofy smile, the exact shade of his eyes, his face and just everything about him as her toes buried in the sand, but she knew her Percy was more than just a pretty face, he was a hero and not just because he was the son of God or even one of the Big Three’s kids but simply because he was Percy.

“Penny for your thoughts?” he asked, his eyes sparkling in amusement as he caught her staring and she nudged his shoulder playfully.

“You can’t give a penny for hearing me say good things about you Seaweed Brain, it’s not nice,” she teased but he was not one to lose.

“So you were thinking about me,” he shot back and Annabeth laughed.

“Who else would you rather I think about dear sir?”

“Why yourself, my dear lady,” he said before brushing her lips with his, looking in her eyes all the time, before flinging a handful of water at her.

“Oh, it’s war!”

Screaming a battle cry, they both ran around the laughing and dodging, rolling in the sand and just being happy because sometimes, happiness is all you need and as they lay on the beach, hugging, she closed her eyes and whispered, “I love you Seaweed brain.”

“I love you too Wise Girl,” he said and they both knew as long as they had each other, they needed nothing else.


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