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The world looks empty,

without you.

You are my light,

my joy and I love you.

A very very happy birthday to you.

Compared to you, beauty in this world is so few.

I love you.

Hey Priya!
Thanks for being well not the best but an amazing sister. Yes, it’s true you annoy the hell out of me and then annoy me some more, you bully me, hurt me and sometimes (read- almost always) choose your friends over me but I do the same too and despite that you are the person I love the most (who is real and not fictional! What? That’s just me.)

However, despite our differences and disagreements (you don’t like books and I am not one to drown in tabloids, though they are readable), we agree on a lot of things, and ignoring everything else we will be sisters always, not because we are related but because we are us. I am really suck at heart to heart writing don’t I?

What I want to say is that you are this awesome person with a fabulous personality which could be better but I love it the way it is despite evidences to the contrary. Little sis, you are beautiful inside out and make my world a better place  with all your stories and what happened to whom in school episodes and your chocolate addiction ( how? Just how?) Despite the fact that almost all my friends are drawn the moment they meet you and always find you “cuter” than me, I am never jealous of you. Okay, sometimes I am but that’s negligible.

We may fight and scream and cry but I know that when we need each other we will always be there for each other, no matter how much distance separates us and that we will reside in each other’s hearts. We always help each other with our problems and sometimes our friends too. You are dramatic, funny, evil, kind, honest yet a liar and just too attractive and friendly to resist. Every time you step inside a room, you draw all eyes to yourself. You are the perfect blend of modern yet primitive and you are a walking- talking fashion magazine. You have loads of celebrity crushes and are concerned about the lamest yet latest Bollywood “khabar” and sometimes you plain suck like your U.T. language essay (no offense meant!)

You are all this and you are much more, you are this generous and manipulative person who always does what she wants and is head string but Mom’s pet, you are hard working but hate studying and you love doing house hold chores but dam! No one wants to be on the receiving end of your anger. However, you love fiercely and are a bit too loyal, considering that you never let our loved ones go and did I say you are amazing? Because you are. Amazing I mean.

Your are everything and nothing and more. I could write pages and pages after you and still get nothing done because you are like the wind, impossible to describe, your personality can only be felt and I feel lucky to be hurt by you when you are sad or angry or hurt or just too eager to get “didi” to something and even luckier to be cherished by you when I am sad or we are united against Mom or whatever reason it maybe and no matter how much I rat you out, fight with you and bully you, I still love you. Loads. You maybe not be just who I wanted for a sister but you still are my sister and that makes you  perfect.

I guess what I really want to say is that you are the Prim to my Katniss, the Petunia to my Lily, the Mary to my Ashley, the Susan to my Lucy (even if I am older), the Drew to my Piper (at times and it’s visa-versa also you know), the Sadie to my Carter, the Apollo to my Artemis and so much more. You are my everything and our bond is unbreakable!

So a very very very to the power infinity happy birthday sister! Enjoy being fourteen, unfortunately it lasts only for a year and then you will be fifteen. I am already scared. ;P

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Percy Jackson!

A/N- A short story to wish Percy a HBD!

He swung her around, making her laugh as she held onto him for dear life even though Annabeth knew that in the unlikely event that Percy ever dropped her, she would make it to the ground. Safely.

“Happy birthday Seaweed Brain,” she said when her feet finally touched the ground again. It was Percy’s first birthday they were celebrating after the giant war and after an entire day of partying with their friends( it was a beach party and even Poseidon had showed up for a few minutes and a hug) all the two of them had wanted was to spend time together, because after all they had been through, nothing mattered except each other these days. Stopping herself from the direction, her thoughts were taking, she focused solely on Percy, drinking in his goofy smile, the exact shade of his eyes, his face and just everything about him as her toes buried in the sand, but she knew her Percy was more than just a pretty face, he was a hero and not just because he was the son of God or even one of the Big Three’s kids but simply because he was Percy.

“Penny for your thoughts?” he asked, his eyes sparkling in amusement as he caught her staring and she nudged his shoulder playfully.

“You can’t give a penny for hearing me say good things about you Seaweed Brain, it’s not nice,” she teased but he was not one to lose.

“So you were thinking about me,” he shot back and Annabeth laughed.

“Who else would you rather I think about dear sir?”

“Why yourself, my dear lady,” he said before brushing her lips with his, looking in her eyes all the time, before flinging a handful of water at her.

“Oh, it’s war!”

Screaming a battle cry, they both ran around the laughing and dodging, rolling in the sand and just being happy because sometimes, happiness is all you need and as they lay on the beach, hugging, she closed her eyes and whispered, “I love you Seaweed brain.”

“I love you too Wise Girl,” he said and they both knew as long as they had each other, they needed nothing else.

A year or ten from now…it will still be Happy Friendship Day

Someone once told me that high schools friendships are made fast but they break down even faster. I am not sure if it’s true but I know one thing and that is- that whether it’s a year or ten or million from now, the only way I will ever be able to forget you crazies is if I get amnesia and you know what? I don’t think I will forget you all even then because psychology states that you only forget memories which are not fully formed and every second being with you all- it’s like a roller coaster ride, I am screaming the entire way but I don’t think I will ever forget a single second because it’s the most amazing feeling on the planet apart from reading of course but then ever time I read the word friends you all come barging into my thoughts and I know friendship day was almost a week ago but hey, I had exams okay and really I don’t think our friendships need to celebrated on a particular day. I don’t know where we will be years from now, whether I will be able to ping and irritate you all like I do every single day nowor if we will even be on the same continent but I know one thing and you know what that is? I don’t care if it’s a day or month or year or a decade but I know that someday I will see you all again whether it be when we are all becoming famous together or I am the bridesmaid at your weddings or we are in college or whatever but I know one day I will see you all again and no matter what? Our friendships will remain “four”ever.

Now that we are talking about friendships how can I forget my beloved books? Books that helped me through everything- exam stress, yes, I-have-the-flu-and-I-need-chessy, definitely and have basically always been there for me whether rain or shine. They have become something that is so real that I feel even reality pales in comparison, reading makes me feel like a bird, who is always flying above the clouds, seeing the world with a beauty of it’s own, and I don’t know if ten years from now whether I will still feel again like a ten year old when I open Prisoner of Askaban and whether all my memories, every second of my life will come rushing back to me as I read my way through any book, I know that my love for reading and writing it’s like breathing, something I can’t live without, something that makes me me. So thank you Percy Jackson and Harry Potter and Tris and Four and Mo and every single character in every universe whether made by me or a famous author, thank you for existing and being real to me, thanks a lot. Not that I would have known most of these characters had my friends not shoved them into my life, despite being as fan-girly as they come, I still feel like people recommend books and books recommend people, if you know what I mean.

Thanks you guys for giving me moments which I will always cherish, for sharing tiffin with me, carrying my bag up the stairs and for offering me help with the “math jitters”, not that I ever took you up on it (and you know whom I am talking about), not for ruining my sleep but for dragging me swimming in the summer, thanks for my first sleepover outside a boarding school, thanks for arranging midnight birthday parties, for calling me in the middle of the night to chat or wish me a very long life and remind me how I was born “in the zoo with monkeys that are like you” or for forgiving me because I got you yelled at and for always welcoming me no matter what and  for being there. Thanks so much for reading with me, for fighting over books pulling them away from me so that I would talk, for hearing my crazy story book ideas, for dancing and for music{a big thank you to the entire world as well}, and I don’t care if our friendship started with elocution or fanfiction or online or through mutual friends or by me puking on your book or by bumping into corridors or by whatever way because I will treasure it always.

Thanks for being the inspiration for my book and know that no matter what, whenever the heroine has a best friend in my books, it will be be of you weirdos and that’s an oath on the Styx or on the angel or a Marauders Vow, whichever you want bestie. Thank you for being there in my life for even a second and changing it because without change life’s boring and being a dauntless dare-devil at heart, I will not only try to go down in history but I will drag you lot with me so that wherever I am after rmy death and hear people cursing me, I can smirk at you and say you’re next sweetheart. Thanks for everything la harmanas and let’s go out with a bang shall we because I really loved fighting dragons with you because you guys are the Lilys and Tinas to my Mia, the Christinas, Marlenes to my Tris, the Ruths to my Jess, the Suzes and Ginas to my CeeCee and much more.

Loads of love (the best friend and soul sister kind),


P.S.- A song dedicated to nights that turned to days with friends who turned to family and of course my younger sister who despite being the devil is the Prim to my Katniss and I know it’s a sucky comparison.