Unedited Extract

Why must I l dream with closed eyes,

 And open them to live someone else’s life?

Dreams and tears mingle,

Into a journey of hurt.

Ambition rules the heart,

Yet we have to with love part.


Every day we see someone smile, every day we see someone cry and yet we move forward ignoring them and making nothing of it, like it was a dream, a mirage or a fly stuck in the windshield of our cars- it was there, now it’s not but then dreams remain right and mirages fly away hurting us again and again, so how are these people the same as our dreams, mirages and those flies, how do they even connect? I think those people remain in our subconscious to haunt us and that haunt turns into guilt but still, no matter what we imagine, no matter how hard we think about them, we usually leave them behind and soon they re like those flies, they have gone and just reside in the depths of forgotten moments and seconds of our lives, ordinary for us but unordinary for someone else and ordinary for yet another soul. Weird how life works right?  It’s peculiar that the world remains so big but we are often unknown to many but known to all those who have managed to pave their ways into our tiny separate worlds from the big unknown and maybe daunting world and still both the worlds are the same, unpredictable, an emotional rollercoaster and dauntless because fear exists only in our heads but does that mean it’s not real or does it mean it is real on an entirely different level? No one knows, but we all know, that when worlds collide, as they do and don’t every second, life changes because every person no matter short or long they were with us, no matter how much we know about them, they all change our lives in a certain way and mould them into something else, albeit in a tiny manner.

This is the story of when different worlds collide and yet manage to stay apart and these are the pages from the lives of Indian teenagers different yet the same, apart yet close and just like everyone else in the world, similar but in their own unique way.

  •                                                                                                                                                                      – Anjali Roongta,

(A girl living somewhere in some universe in a world of her making.)


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