Into the Shadows

They pull at you,


un ignorable,

cutting deep,

and crimson pools,

eyes dim

and then you are under,

drowning in the pain,

caused by love skin deep,

how did you ever fall for that creep?

The hurt, now, is  gone,

but the shadows pull.

Light wakes with you,

until you abandon,

and roads new

turn back from you.

The setting sun,

castes it’s light on an ocean wide,

tears weal up in undying eyes.

They glisten like pearls,

upon cheekbone high,

until under it’s stupor,

you fall and die.

Look for yourself, find the light,

because even if it’s cool,

one day the darkness will leave you

and then unheard will be thy cries,


and lonely forever,

death being thine only ride.


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