Burn With Me

With bloodshot eyes and pale cheeks,

they stood,

hungry for blood,

watching you like a pack of wolves.

Some laugh, some merry,

while those under them,

fight not for survival

but to sustain.

Faces smeared black,

a Pyrrhic victory,

a love lost,

hearts full of frost.

Together they traveled,

under the dew stained greens

and over daunting hills,

they crawled under the mother’s belly,

roared in the forest’s heart

and waged war,

like a arrow shot afar.

Separated, crushed and removed,

deceit and treachery,

reign snow white

and yet the darkness under shadows cannot abide.

Alone, yet together,

near yet apart,

she burned now,

not for herself but for a thousand hearts.

Flying, screaming, crying, breaking,

laughing, loving, separating,

penetrating, expressing,

loving and dying

the fight continued, daggers slew,

bullets shot, blood sprayed, eyes flashed,

and soon peace shone through

and yet everywhere was heard,

“If we burn,

you burn with us.”


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