The world of your eyes.

Everyone likes to do things their ways, whether it be a Maths problem or learning the periodic table. We do things with a distinct style that shows our personality and individuality. Our free will and the power to make a choice and as we grow up this free will changes from choosing what to eat to what to wear and eventually what we want to do in life whether it be a teacher, a doctor, an author or what ever else it may be. We start to see the world of  our eyes and long to live in that world where although thing’s are not perfect but they are what we want them to be. However, it is seldom easy to follow our dreams because people, society, our family, insecurities and talents all stand as barriers in our ways, barriers most of us cannot conquer and we let others decide our paths, our dreams and our lives. I am not saying that is wrong, because it is not but is it not indefinitely better to find a legal and nice way to do what others think is right and what our heart wants because in the end it is you who has to live with yourself.

Take me, for example, I loved writing and finally after a lot of hard-work with extreme encouragement I finished my first book and now want to continue on this path  which I have started to travel on but people never stop to jab or insult. Frequently people laugh at my dreams, sometimes, even people from my own family! But that dies not mean I will give up, because life is too short not to do what you want and just like every hero or heroine in every story does, even I will have to fight against the world and fulfill my destiny. Another example can be the struggle of one of my favourite authors, J K Rowling, who did not give up hope even after being rejected twelve times or the story Anne Frank the girl who managed to fulfill her dream of living on even though she had to endure the horrors of the Second World War. Literature is also filled with examples of heroines like Katniss, Tris, Mia, Elizabeth, Emma and so many more and with heroes like Sydney, Pip, Percy,Harry and others who fought for what they loved and came out victorious. So why can’t we?

It’s time we, the generation of today, show the world that dreams are worth having, that risks are worth taking and that being different is not a problem, because we are all unique in our own way and because it’s time that we follow our dreams on a journey to success and happiness.


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